What is a Smart Home

What is a Smart Home
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What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home equipped with electronic devices, lights, heating etc. that can be controlled remotely by a computer or smartphone. I will explain below what kind of items there are on the market and what you can do with them.

What is a Smart HomeA smart home can make your life easier!

The whole idea behind a smart home is that it makes your life easier and safer and who doesn’t want that? I will give you a few examples how you can make your home smarter and your life easier and saving money as well!

A Smart Thermostat

For instance a “smart” thermostat, this device manage your heating very efficient. It only switches on the heating of someone is in the house, it will learn from you, so it knows when to switch on or off your heating. Not only it will increase the comfort of your house, it will also save you money!

Smart Lighting

This also applies to smart lighting, imagine your lights will switch on when you are entering a room and will switch off again when you leave the room, no more yelling “who let the light on in the bathroom?”. Or the lights switches on as soon as you enter your street, not entering a dark house, tripping over toys in the hall. Not only it will make your life safer, it will save you money as well! You don’t have to be scared that you have to put new or extra cables, nowadays it will work wireless,  you can do it by yourself easily, so you don’t have to pay an expensive specialist. You will find more information about smart lighting here.

A leak detector

Another example is a leak detector, you mount this device near your dishwasher or washing machine, if the hose breaks or water starts to leak out of the machine, you will get an alert on your mobile, so you can take action immediately instead of coming home and find water in the whole house. This will save you a lot of work, worries, costs, etc.

A smart camera

One of my favorites is the smart camera, you can check from your work what is going on in your house. I use it to check our dog ( a west highlander), it is a very sweet dog, but I hate it that my neighbors start complaining that he barks all day. Now I can see it by myself and if needed I can call someone to take care of it (and also I am sure that my neighbors are not exaggerating)
Many of the smart cameras these days have an alert function, these means that you will get a notification as soon as the camera sees or hears anything, so you don’t need to check every five minutes if something is happening in your house.
This way you can check at what time your kids are coming home, check if they are really coming home immediately after school (or skipping classes), etc. It is like a small alarm system, you will be alerted as soon as something is happening in your house, so you can take action immediately, it makes your life a little bit safer and easier.

A voice controlled personal assistant

Another great example and also one of my favorites is the voice controlled personal assistant like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. I have a Google home and I really love it! Imagine, I am sitting on my couch and then I say “play some relaxing music on my stereo”, immediate my stereo installation switch over to my chromecast input and a Spotify playlist of relaxing music start playing. Then I say, “dim the lights to 20 %” and the lights are dimming to 20 %, after that I say “raise the temperature with one degree” and the room temperature will get one degree higher, I don’t need to stand up or take my smartphone out of my pocket (yes I know, I am very lazy 🙂 ), I control all that with my voice.
There is so much to tell about these assistants, you can fill a complete website with it, you can connect them to several devices to make your home smarter, but even without other smart devices a Google Home or Amazon Alexa is a great device to put in your room. See also the page about the Google Home.



Control your home from the pocket of your hand!

Well, that sounds great, or not? And it doesn’t stop with that, you can also think about robot vacuum cleaners or refrigerators or whatever, the list is nowadays enormous.
Also, you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket to control the devices or sit behind your computer to do that, you can even use your voice. It is really amazing!



Who doesn’t want to do that!

I am sure everybody is dreaming about sitting on the couch and then just saying: “Turn on the lights”, “Clean the house”, “Play some relaxing music”. It is all possible and it doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars, it is really affordable now.

More Items that make your home smarter are for example:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Smart locks
  • Security system
  • And many more…

I am sure that you think: Wow, I want to have that!

No problem, you will find here a lot of information about how to make your home smarter, from lights to thermostats to controllers etc. All the information to make your own Super Smart Home.

If you have any questions, send me an email or drop a comment below



  1. mark June 18, 2017 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Amazing, i love it!

    How much does it cost? i could use one for my own home, i could just turn everything on when i’m on my way back home, does it also work on huge distances, I mean, lets say i forgot to turn my lights of or something, will i be able to turn them off when i’m at work?

    • Jan June 18, 2017 at 1:13 pm - Reply

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your comment! You are right; you can turn on or off your lights where ever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. You can start small with for example one or two lights, systems like that are available already under $50.

  2. Michael Ajibola June 18, 2017 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Awesome website. Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but it is truly breathtaking to be able to do all of these things with one’s mobile device or the sound of one’s voice. But I would like to know what the budget cost would be to have something like this for a 3 bedroom Bungalow?

    • Jan June 18, 2017 at 1:06 pm - Reply

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. The nice thing about home automation is that you can start small and easily expand your system. You can start already under 50 dollar with for example a smart light or plug.

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